Assistive technology for students

The Access and Inclusion Service has a range of assistive technology that may be loaned to eligible students to support their study. Assistive software or hardware is available for on-campus use via the Adaptive Technology Suites. 

Adaptive Technology Suites (ATS)

Adaptive Technology Suites (ATS) are computer facilities available for use by students with disabilities at UniSA. They are designed to improve access to the University's online environment. A suite is available at each of the metropolitan campus libraries.

Whether your disability makes it hard to wait about for a pool computer to become available, or means that using the specialised software and equipment in the suites will help you with your studies, the ATS may assist you.

Accessing the ATS

Students eligible for the ATS must have this service negotiated as part of their Access Plan. Disability Service staff will introduce new users to the facilities and arrange training where required.

ATS facilities are available for use during library opening hours. The rooms can be booked online, via the service points at any campus library or by contacting Ask the Library. Provide your name and student ID and specify the time for which the room is requested. Bookings can be made for up to 4 hours per day. Note that if you are more than 15 minutes late, the booking may be given to another student.

ATS Locations

The suites are located in each metropolitan campus library:

  • Magill A2-15
  • City East B3-27
  • City West JS3-07
  • Mawson Lakes C1-28

Whyalla and Mount Gambier students who wish to enquire about adaptive technology should contact the Access and Inclusion Service.

Using ATS Computers

All UniSA students are expected to have some basic PC skills and be familiar with basic word processing packages and operating systems such as Windows.

ATS computers operate in the same computer environment as the University's pool computers with additional hardware and software as outlined below.

ATS Software and Equipment

  • Up to date computer with USB ports on the front to allow easy plug in of headphones and other equipment.
  • 20" large screen LCD monitor. The monitor is easily adjustable on a swing arm so that it can be positioned to suit a range of users.
  • A4 scanner allows hard copy material to be converted into electronic text, so that it can be used with the specialised software and enlarged or read from the screen.
  • A3/A4 printer allows material to be easily printed in enlarged text
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software. This software provides users the ability to write essays and emails and even explore the web by voice command. It can be very useful for students who have difficulty working at a keyboard or using text. Students with a range of disabilities such as arthritis, RSI or learning disabilities may find this a valuable resource.
  • Zoomtext software provides text magnification along with screen reading so that users can listen to the material which appears on the screen. This product is designed especially for people with vision impairment.
  • Read & Write software is designed for use by people who have a learning disability. It provides features such as enhanced spelling and grammar checking, word prediction and screen reading in an easy to use package.

All the software packages loaded on the Adaptive Technology computers incorporate extensive inbuilt help features.

Other products may be made available to meet demand. To request further resources contact the Access and Inclusion Service.

ATS Furniture

  • A range of ergonomic furniture including chairs, book holders, foot rests and mouse and wrist pads
  • A push button height adjustable desk to accommodate wheel chairs and motor buggies
  • A lockable equipment storage cabinet
  • An internal phone for contacting the library loans desk, the IT Help Desk or Student Engagement Unit.

ATS Problem Solving

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