Student finance

There are many costs associated with studying with a disability. It is important to ensure you are aware of any financial assistance you may be entitled to. For example:

  • If you study at University and are a recipient of the Disability Support Pension (DSP) you should be entitled to the study supplement. This is designed to help cover the costs of books, travel and other study expenses.
  • If you have a disability you may be entitled to Austudy or Abstudy payments without undertaking a full-time study load.

Information about government financial assistance is available from Centrelink.

Students, who have severe and permanent disabilities which limit their capacity to use public transport, can apply for transport assistance:

  • South Australian Transport Subsidy Scheme (SATSS) is a Government subsidised taxi travel program for people with permanent and severe disabilities who, because of their disabilities, cannot use public transport.
  • The Plus One Free Companion card assists a wide range of people with physical mobility, cognitive, sensory or communication impairments, who cannot safely use public transport on their own, but who could use public transport with the assistance of a companion/carer. The card will also assist people who cannot travel independently at certain times (for example at night) or on unfamiliar routes, but who can otherwise travel independently on public transport.

Grant and Scholarship information

There are a range of scholarships and grants available for UniSA students. Many of the equity scholarships can be applied for via SATAC.

The following scholarships and grants may be relevant for some students with disabilities, mental health or medical conditions:

  • UniSA Cowan Ability Grant
  • The Disability Equipment Grant scheme will assist UniSA students, with disabilities, to purchase equipment and/or software which will assist them with their studies
  • UniSA Ability Grants for research degree students
  • Information about Deafness Forum scholarships
  • Students with vision impairment can apply for Cowan Trust scholarships
  • Students with disabilities are eligible for Sir Charles Bright scholarships
  • The June Opie Fellowship is available each year to an Australian, New Zealand or Canadian postgraduate student with a disability who is studying in a disability related area
  • Dawn Slade-Faull awards of up to $1000 for people with disabilities to encourage promise in visual arts and craft. Applicants must be SA residents

Visit our Scholarships website for information on all scholarships and grants available to UniSA students.