Extension Requests

Students are expected to complete their assessment tasks by due dates which are outlined in the Course Outline. Students whose disability, mental health or medical condition means that they will take longer to complete an assessment task will need to request an extension for that task.

Extensions can be helpful, but sometimes can contribute to a build-up of workload pressure. It may be helpful to discuss a study plan with an Access and Inclusion Adviser or Program Director.

Course Coordinators are responsible for providing students with 'reasonable adjustments', which can include extensions, and decide whether students are eligible for an extension on this basis. It is important for students to check the Course Outline for details about extension procedures as they vary between courses.  Requests are made through the LearnOnline Course Website.

Applications for extensions must be lodged with the Course Coordinator before the due date for the assignment and supported by documentary evidence (Assessment Policies and Procedures Section 3), which may be an Access Plan.

Students are required to:

  • Apply for any extensions through the Course Website before the due date
  • State clearly their reasons for the request
  • Provide supporting evidence e.g. Access Plan, medical certificate
  • Explain the reason for requesting an extension and what supporting documentation can be provided
  • Request an extension until a date which is realistic (e.g. you will have enough time to complete the assessment task) and reasonable (e.g. normally within days rather than weeks).