Dark Dreams and Fluorescent Flesh

17 February 17 – 13 March

Curated by Mimi Kelly, Dark Dreams and Fluorescent Flesh explored contemporary representation of female sexuality and desire. The exhibition included artwork by five Australian artists – Bianca Barling, Pat Brassington, Jane Burton, Mimi Kelly and Monika Tichacek – whose practices span photography, video performance and installation. Intense, playful and at times confronting, the exhibition resonates with a dark gothic sensibility and the artwork references film noir, horror, surrealism and pornography.

Image: Monika Tichacek, Lineage of the Divine, 2002. Digital video (still). Image courtesy of the artist and Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne.

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After the goldrush

5 May – 12 June

Curated by Lisa Harms and featuring work by Joe Felber, Sasha Grbich and the curator, After the goldrush was an installation in three parts presenting a layered figuration of desire (& landscape).

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Chance Encounters

23 June – 16 August

The curatorial premise and the title of this exhibition were derived from André Breton’s phrase, “the chance encounter between a sewing machine and an umbrella on a dissecting table” written in response to the nineteenth-century Symbolist poem cycle Les Chants de Maldoror by Comte de Lautréamont. The phrase alludes to the unpredictable ruptures in the everyday which surprise, shock, upturn order and disrupt normality.

Exhibited as part of SALA and UniSA Open Day.

Image: Louise Haselton, Double Terminator, 2007. Helmet shells, cast aluminium, paint, Alvar Aalto Savoy vases, quartz and plinths, dimensions variable.

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Baseless Propositions

8 September – 2 October

Vessels are land that has let go, a rolling up of the edges into a containing cup (like hands cupped to protect). We can climb up and peer over the raised edges. We push and elongate the cup into a direction, a shape to fit coming and going. Baseless Propositions featured work by Johnnie Dady & Zoe Marr.

Image: Johnnie Dady, unknown vessel (detail), 2009, oil pencil and paper, 60cm x 400cm.

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The Ends of the Earth

October 13 – November 28

Exploring environmental degradation … Jane Castle and Linda Dement presented a malevolent installation involving leaking and congealing blood, video loops on hacked digital players, anomalous machinery and a soundscape from recordings made at the ends of the Earth. The Ends of the Earth was curated by Di Barrett.

Image: Linda Dement, killer 01, 2009. Digital image, 100cm x 100cm.

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