The Persuaders

28 February – 16 March

Artist: Benedict Drew Curator: Richard Grayson

The Persuaders was a multi-room installation that incorporated old and new technology, sound, light and movement. Artist Benedict Drew’s work explored our relationship with technology through installations which have been described as mesmerising and disorientating. The participant enters a fantastic world of light, sound and moving images, in which the senses are confronted by an intense stream of information and audio-visual stimuli.

Presented by the Adelaide Festival for the 2014 Adelaide International: Worlds in Collision.

Image: Benedict Drew, The Persuaders. Courtesy the artist and Matt’s Gallery, London. 

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Spaces of connection

8 April – 9 May

Spaces of connection explored the interconnectedness between Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationships to land, place and each other. In this exhibition the artists intended to create a space for reflection on the interconnecting and diverging ideas about country and think through the possibilities for our future engagement with the land. Featuring Imiyari Yilpi Adamson, Elizabeth Hetzel, Jan Hogan & Jessica Sanguesa. This exhibition was supported by ArtSA.

Image: Imiyari Yilpi Adamson, Mission days (detail). 

In Vitro

21 July – 25 July

Caroline Oullette’s exhibition of glass objects was part of an investigation into how audiences respond to artwork. The impetus for the development of In Vitro stemmed from one viewer’s response to one of the artist’s works when, after a quick glance, they picked it up and smashed it on the floor. These poetic and fragile objects suggested almost-forgotten memories and evoked sensual reactions.


Image: Caroline Oullette, The stories we do tell (detail), 2013.


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 Book Futures

2 September – 26 September

This exhibition focused on loss and change to language and literature associated with the digital transformation of books. Exploring the word as mystery, as secret knowledge, it merged installation, performance videos to evoke these mysteries associated with language and the secretarial tasks of recording, sorting and storing information. The exhibition featured the work of Brigita Ozolins and Tim Schwartz.

Image: Brigita Ozolins by Simon Harsent