Translucent Shadows

10 February – 13 March

Artists: Gabriella Bisetto, Christopher Boha, Wendy Fairclough, Jessica Loughlin & Kirstie Rea

This exhibition explored the phenomena of shadows in relation to the translucent qualities of glass, reflection and refraction. It featured contemporary glass artists Gabriella Bisetto, Christopher Boha, Wendy Fairclough, Jessica Loughlin and Kirstie Rea. Presented in partnership with Ausglass Conference and Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Image: Wendy Fairclough, Amber Palace, Jaipur, 2014. Photography by Grant Hancock.

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Uncomfortably Numb

24 March – 24 April

Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, its show time as David Archer presents his intriguing artworks, sensational sideshows and amazing interactive spectacles. Inspired by the tradition of Victorian and Edwardian amusements from seaside piers, circuses or travelling carnivals, Archer’s work provides an escape into fantasy and bestows a humorous insight into the human condition.

Image: David Archer, Bones (detail).

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Unmaking Waste

2 – 29 May

Artists: Charles Anderson, Singh Intrachooto, Guy Keulemans, Mandi King, Kirsty Mate, John Quan, Kerstin Thompson, Peter Walker, Stuart Walker & Andrew Whittaker

This exhibition, an accompaniment to the Unmaking Waste conference, explored successful technical strategies for reducing waste and emissions and the ways in which accelerating rates of consumption are undermining these efforts. It highlighted the excesses of our waste-making in order to work towards generating a more sustainable circular economy.

Presented in with the Zero Waste SA Research Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviour.

Image: Surfboard by Peter Walker

 Kapi Ungkupayi/He gave us water

22 September – 13 November

Artists: Roma Peterman Butler, Ivy Laidlaw, Jennifer Mitchell, Tjawina Roberts & Tjayanka Woods

We have an important story to tell. It is a new tjukurpa (dreaming story). It is a story about our culture, our faith and our relationship with our land. This is not a story that our grandmothers or grandfathers told us. This is our story – Kapi Ungkupayi. It happened to us. This exhibition was an installation of new work by five contemporary Pitjantjatara artists living in the remote Indigenous community of Irrunytju and Papulangkutja near the tri-state border of SA, WA and NT.

Image: The Toyota, Roma Butler, Ivy Laidlaw, Tjawina Roberts, Jennifer Mitchell, 2015.

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