In the shadow of forgetting

12 February – 22 March

A solo exhibition of new drawings by Aldo Iacobelli curated by Linda Marie Walker. “The simple touch in Aldo Iacobelli’s practice manifests itself in a variety of obvious manners. There is an unmistakeable sense of grim focus and pensive distillation in his drawings” – Nikos Papastergiadis.

Image: Aldo Iacobelli, Shadow (detail), 2013

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Ordinary Escapes and Other Magic

2 April – 10 May

This exhibition of recent work by Celeste Aldahn and Ray Harris explored fantasy as a means to escape from reality or negotiate the difficult terrain of existence. This exhibition was supported by the Helpmann Academy, CACSA and Carclew.

Image: Celeste Aldahn, UV Flower Bed, 2013 

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At the intertices of clockwork

Artists: Elizabeth Bevan-Parrella, Cathy Frawley, Elizabeth Hetzel & Tyler Rock. Curator: Elizabeth Bevan-Parrella.


At the interstices of clockwork engaged with liminal spaces and moments of transition. Drawing together four practitioners who share a sensibility and interest in harnessing natural phenomena into carefully calibrated aesthetic and experiential studies, each artist works across an assortment of media.


Image: Elizabeth Bevan-Parella, from city to teaspoon, 2013


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 Do electric cows fly over Adelaide?

22 July – 29 August

Artists: Kirrin Brown, Disong Cheng, Cameron Donaldson, Katherine Donaldson, Mark Frost, Klaira Griffin,Peter Hilhorst, Todd Hislop, Tom Hocking, Shane Haddy, Patrick Holmes, Calum Hurley, Henry Jarvis, Andre Lawrence, Jordan Leeflang, Michael Marner, Michael Majchrzak, Carly Mewett, Sarah Miller, Tessa Parry, Despina Pipikos, Jenna Schina, Jordan Schumacher, Thomas Talbot, Morgan Thomson, Pedro Torres, Jessica Ware, Samuel Wiechula, Taylor Wiley, Karishma Wilson, Michael Wong. Curators: Steven Kelly & Thomas Mical.

A collaborative project to construct an immersive neo-noir interior.

Image: Carly Mewett, Untitled, digital photograph, 2013.

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Manual: inscriptions of the everyday

17 September – 18 October

Artists: Damien Chwalisz, Matt Davis, Michael Geissler, Rachel Hurst, Jane Lawrence, Gini Lee, Peter Malatt, Katica Pedisic, Peter Poulet, Hannah White. Curators: Rachel Hurst & Jane Lawrence.

Prompted by the curators’ research in theories of the everyday, this exhibition of architecture and design explored the concept of the manual – as dexterity, craft, handbooks and instruction. It consisted of a series of 2 and 3 dimensional pieces in mixed media. Central to the curartion was a ‘table of contents’ as a dynamic device providing a condensed, physical synopsis of the exhibition.

Image: Peter Malatt, I’m trying Ringo (Jules, Vincent and Honey Bunny), 2013 .

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Transit Lounge

29 October – 28 November

Artists: Susan Bryce, Vicki Crowley, Heather Faulkner, Gertrude Glossip, Jessica Miley, Vicki Rich, Kathy Sport. Curators: Vicki Crowley & Rosslyn Prosser This exhibition engaged with Adelaide drag culture and issues of self-presentation, performativity and the body. Presented in collaboration with Adelaide University and the Feast Festival.

Image: Heather Faulkner, untitled. Giclee print, 205 x 295 mm.

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