Lost for words

21 February – 23 March

Artists: John Barbour, Louise Haselton, Olga Sankey, Simone Slee & Sandra Uray-Kennett Curator: Olga Sankey

This exhibition brought together five artists who use text or refer to language in their work, without committing to text art as a practice or text as a medium. As the title suggests, the work in this exhibition sought to extend and explore the limits of language. Participating artists were John Barbour, Louise Haselton, Olga Sankey, Simon Slee and Sandra Uray-Kennett.

Image: John Barbour, Untitled Objects (installation view), 2006. Gouache on lead, cotton, silk, wool, cotton voile, 215cm x 280cm. 

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3 April – 4 May

Objectified engaged with Donald W Winnicott’s ideas about object attachment and the role of transitional objects as children separate the me from the not me. Featuring 7 artists, the exhibition sought to drill into the complex field of objectness by examining the idea of the artwork as a repository of complex of psychological associations.

Image: Pip and Pop, Bing Bong Big Bang (detail), 2011 ecology as a whole. 

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Walking with Alice

15 May – 20 July

Inspired by the Czech animator Jan Svankmajer’s film Alice, this exhibition built separate psychoanalytical areas within the gallery space. It explored three artists’ – Linde Ivimey, Simon Kennedy and Noel McKenna – expressions of the conscious and unconscious self, with reference to the imaginary world of Alice in Wonderland.


Image: Noel McKenna, Alice, 2012. Acrylic on canvas, 150cm x 150cm.


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 Post Skangaroovian

4 September – 12 October

Artists: Gus Clutterbuck, Jo Crawford, Margaret Dodd, Honor Freeman, Nicole Greenslade, Klaus Guttowski, Philip Hart, Peter Johnson, Bronwyn Kemp, Bruce Nuske, Maria Parmenter, Freya Povey & Gerry Wedd. Curator: Jo Crawford, Peter Johnson & Bruce Nuske.

Post Skangaroovian sought to explore the legacy of a new wave of stylish, postmodern ceramics recognised as particular to Adelaide studio ceramics in the period of 1968 – 1978. This exhibition was developed in partnership with the 2012 Australian Ceramics Triennale and the Art Gallery of South Australia and featured artists such as Jo Crawford, Margaret Dodd, Honor Freeman and Gerry Wedd amongst others.

Image: Honor Freeman, leaky bucket, 2011.

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Hot Chocolate

24 October - 29 November

Curated by Ali Baker, Keith Giles and Yoko Kajio, Hot Chocolate was an exhibition of contemporary art research metaphors and practices of making and relating art with chocolate, presented as part of the Visual Arts Program at Feast Festival 2012. The artists delivered an eclectic a2124 ssortment of ideas across a range of academic fields of enquiry, spanning the politics of identity and desire, racial fetishization, origin and place, and ephemerality. The exhibition was curated by Troy-Anthony Baylis and Frances Wyld.

Image: Yves Netzhammer & Ralph Shraivogel, Chocolate stamps, design 1999, multiple, for Swiss Postal Service.

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