At UniSA, individual subjects are called ‘courses’, and there are hundreds for you to choose from! It’s easy to find the course to suit your passion, lifestyle and goals. With a range of world-class courses to choose from, taught by expert lecturers, there’s no wonder 91 per cent of students say they’re satisfied with our course content.*

Follow the helpful advice below to better understand how to make your course selections.

* 2021 i-Graduate Survey, Student Barometer (Domestic) – Course Content Indicator (91.0%)

  • Academic Units (what we teach) minus-thick plus-thick

    UniSA is comprised of seven Academic Units (faculties), each delivering outstanding programs and courses which have been industry and research informed. You can study courses from different Academic Units to meet your individual study needs. This includes undergraduate (Bachelor level) and postgraduate (Master level) courses.

    UniSA academic units:

  • Restricted Courses minus-thick plus-thick

    There are a number of courses which are not available to Exchange and Study Abroad students:

    • Nursing, Midwifery, Postgraduate Social Work, Postgraduate Psychology courses are not available
    • Due to demand, priority for courses in some Academic Units will be given to incoming students majoring in this discipline, e.g., with Contemporary Arts.
    • Very limited spaces in Clinical and Allied Health courses
    • Placements, Practicums, and Internships are available by negotiation only
    • Students are not able to enrol into UniSA Online courses (any course with UO in the course name).

    For a list of restricted courses which are not open to exchange students, see here.

  • Study Load / Unit Equivalencies minus-thick plus-thick

    You will study alongside both Australian and International students in a variety of class settings.

    A full-time study load at UniSA is 18 units per semester. This is typically four courses of 4.5 units each, though there are exceptions. You may choose to study a minimum of 13.5 units, which is also deemed ‘full time’ for the purposes of meeting Australian student visa requirements.

    When submitting your application, you will be asked to nominate six courses that you might like to study at UniSA. You will only enrol into a maximum of four courses per semester, though having additional courses approved will allow maximum flexibility in case of timetable clash, or other unforeseen circumstance.

    We recommend the following unit conversion as a reference, though you should be guided by the credit requirements of your home university:

    UniSA Europe / ECTS United Kingdom USA
    18 UniSA (4 courses) 30 CP 60 credits 15 credits
    13.5 Units (3 courses) 22.5 CP 45 credits 12 credits
    4.5 Units (1 course) 7.5 CP 15 credits 3-4 credits
  • Course information minus-thick plus-thick

    Course outlines are found on the course homepage.

    All course pages include prerequisite information, unit value, course delivery, and assessment information. Course information will be finalised each October for the following year. You can use the current year course information as a guide for looking at future year course availability.

    Where pre-requisites are indicated, you will need to fulfil the requirement for each course based on your completed studies from your home university. The relevant prerequisites for each course are listed on the course homepage.

    Course codes comprise four letters and four numbers (e.g. TOUR 1001)

    The first number indicates the level of the course. Courses beginning with a 1 are generally first year level; courses beginning with a 2 are generally second year level, etc. Course codes beginning with a 4 or 5 are graduate level courses. Entry into these courses is typically restricted to students who hold the equivalent of an Australian bachelor’s degree.

    UniSA is a multi-campus university

    You’re able to take courses across more than one campus, though we suggest you keep your selection to a maximum of two campuses, as it can get tricky trying to manage classes at too many campuses. You can see where the courses are offered on the course homepage, noting that some courses might be offered at more than one campus. All campuses are easily accessible by public transport.

  • Find Courses minus-thick plus-thick

    There are three easy ways to find courses at UniSA:

    1. Course Search

    Search for a UniSA course by keyword, e.g., ‘Supply Chain Management’. You can adjust the filters on the left-hand side of the page to suit your needs.

    2. Search by Study Area

    • Choose your study area from the available list.
    • Navigate to the ‘Degrees’ list and choose the degree which most closely aligns with your desired subject choice
    • Once on the degree page, scroll to, ‘Degree Structure’ to see the courses available within that degree program
    • Each individual course page tells you more about the course itself (number of units, campus, semester availability, etc.)

    3. Search by Majors and Minors

    Choose your study area from the available list and click through to find out more about the courses offered.

    NOTE: this method is for undergraduate courses only and does not produce results for all courses offered at UniSA. Methods 1 and 2 will bring you more comprehensive results.