“When I arrived in Adelaide I was pleasantly surprised! The beaches are beautiful and it is easy to hang out with friends. Studying at UniSA is a real opportunity for your career.”

Pauline Wimez

What inspired you to study at UniSA?

I was inspired to study at UniSA due to the school’s excellent reputation and the beauty of Australia as I love kangaroos.

What do you enjoy most about studying at UniSA?

I really enjoy that the professors really care about their students. It is something really important for me as we can contact them and they will always help us. This was so nice.

Why did you choose Adelaide and what was your first impression? What do you like most about Adelaide?

I choose Adelaide because it's a partner of my school. When I arrived in Adelaide, I was pleasantly surprised! The city is not too big like Sydney, this is a very pleasant city to live in. The beaches are beautiful and it is easy to hang out with friends.

What did you think of the campus facilities? Did you have a favourite spot on campus?

The campus facilities are high-tech and modern. It's really different from France in terms of the utilisation of the space in a classroom. Here it is more based on participation and involvement of students (for example with the classes in a U shape).

My favourite spot is the Law Building. It seems to be a stranger among all of the modern buildings on campus.

Tell us about the campus events you attended?

I attended Orientation Day. It was a real opportunity to meet other international students and to make friends. The UniSA Buddies team did a good job for the activities proposed. They really tried to mix people and this was nice.

What advice would you give to a student considering coming to Adelaide and studying at UniSA?

Do not hesitate! So far it is just a wonderful journey to me and studying at UniSA is a real opportunity for your career.

How do you think UniSA will help you succeed in your career?

UniSA gave me the opportunity to increase my networking skills and have a diversified network. This will help me in my future career.