“I was welcomed with big smiles, open arms and super friendly people. UniSA has so many student organisations, events and opportunities to make sure students are supported.”

Elvin Eren

Why did you choose Adelaide and what were your first impressions? What’s one thing you love about Adelaide?

Adelaide is one of the most liveable cities and it appealed to me as it was located in a nice country like Australia. When I arrived, I realised that Adelaide is smaller than I expected but that does not mean that it is boring. There was so much going on in my first few weeks: Orientation week, beach days, mountain hikes, a lot of tours and festivals. The list is never ending. One thing I love about Adelaide is its structure and location. The CBD is walkable in 20 minutes and you can get to the east and west within a 30 minute transport ride where you’ll either be at a beautiful beach or a spectacular mountain.

Describe your first weeks, settling into classes, settling into life in Australia? Did you feel supported during this time? How did you find the support from local students (buddies)? How was your Orientation?

My first few weeks felt like I was still dreaming. I was welcomed with big smiles, open arms and super friendly people. UniSA has so many student organisations, events and opportunities to make sure students are supported. I felt welcomed immediately and finding friends was very easy through events hosted by the UniSA Buddies and USASA.

How would you describe the quality of teaching staff? How have they supported you during your studies?

The lecturers are super friendly and competent. I learnt a lot from them. Both the teaching and tutorial staff always pointed out to reach out to them if we had any questions or if we didn’t understand anything. This shows they really care about our learning and performance.

What do you think of the campus facilities? Do you have a favourite spot on campus?

My favourite spot on campus is the student lounge at the City West Campus. I really like the interior design. It reminds me of an exhibition in a Berlin museum. I like how people come together at the lounge for a chat in between breaks and in the calm hours after 6 pm. The campus offers various facilities, which are always there if needed and offer immediate help. I never felt lost or afraid on campus because I had the UniSA app and we had campus security around.

If you were to describe life in Adelaide to someone who hasn’t been here before, what would you say?

Adelaide’s nickname is the '20 minute city' and I can confirm that. The CBD is built in a square with 4-5 main streets. Adelaide is the perfect city to study. It is not too big and busy to get distracted but at the same time it is not too small to get bored.

What advice would you give to a student who was hesitant or considering joining the exchange program?

If you want to experience uni life in an English speaking, modern university like a local, you should come to UniSA. You will be welcomed with open arms and be able to settle in quickly. Even if you are not that outgoing yourself, you will make friends quickly by joining some events that are offered for international students only. This program will open your views on cultures and the world. I highly recommend you seek discomfort and do it. It will be worth it!