“I chose Adelaide because of UniSA. My first impression of Adelaide is that it is such a beautiful and peaceful place. Everyone will greet you with a smile.”

Rovee Jadulco

What inspired you to study at UniSA?

I was inspired to study at UniSA because I wanted to expand my skills and learn more regarding the social work profession.

What did you enjoy most about studying at UniSA?

I enjoyed being around people in my classes at UniSA and the friends I have made along the way the most. I formed great connections with other exchange students and we called our little group our “Adelaide family”. We travelled to Kangaroo Island and Bali together and we still keep in touch. Our time at UniSA is what brought us together.

Why did you choose Adelaide and what was your first impression? What do you like most about Adelaide?

I chose Adelaide because of UniSA. UniSA is a great place to learn. My first impression of Adelaide is that it is such a beautiful and peaceful place. It gave me those “home vibes” and I love how safe it is! What I like most about Adelaide is how nice and warm the people are. Almost everyone will greet you with a smile or with a ‘hi’ and I did not feel scared to ask someone for directions whenever I got lost.

Have you undertaken any practical experiences during your studies?

I took a casual job at Coles Dernancourt. However, I was also assigned to work at Coles Newton every now and then. It was a very great experience because I worked at Trolley Collection, which pushed me to come out of my comfort zone and get to know myself and my limits a little better. My boss and workmates were really great as well and I made friends with whom I still keep in touch with. I also attended some events by Study Adelaide, which I really loved.

How would you describe the quality of teaching staff? How have they supported you during your studies?

The teaching staff are great. They are very understanding of students and I felt their genuine care and passion for teaching. They have supported me and gave me encouragement, which was really helpful for me being someone from a foreign land.

What did you think of the campus facilities? Did you have a favourite spot on campus?

I loved the campus facilities! I was always at Magill campus but there were times where I would stay at City West. My favourite spots were the libraries. I loved that we were allowed to eat in the libraries and the great spots to study. I spent a few late nights with my friends at the City West campus library and we had so much fun!

Tell us about the campus events you attended?

I attended Orientation, Brekky Bar, the pride event, a wall climbing lesson and a mental health event. All of these events made me enjoy my stay more. They gave me a chance to interact with other people and they are seriously great for your well-being. One of my favourites was the mental health event. I love animals so this was a great experience for me. I got to hug and kiss a lamb! I was also able to play with the other animals like goats, bunnies, guinea pigs, alpacas and chickens. It was like heaven for me!