“I felt so welcome in Adelaide. I will never forget the journey to Australia. It will always stay with me wherever I go.”

Maren Nord

Why did you choose to study abroad?

I have always loved travel. When I was 16, I did a year of exchange in the US and I was longing to have a similar experience. Finally, I had the opportunity to travel again and to see another culture and country. There is just something about the feeling when you jump on a plane travelling to a place you have never been to and know so little about. It amuses me in a way, and it is so exciting.

When you travel to another country, you also meet so many people from different cultures and places. They have another perspective on life and way of living. You evolve as a person both mentally and physically.

I just love the feeling of studying in a foreign country.

What was your experience of studying abroad?

My experience studying abroad was crazy. I met so many people who I will stay friends with forever and we shared so many adventures together. We often rented cars and took road trips to see Australia’s landscape and beaches.

One of the last trips we went on before leaving Adelaide, was to Kangaroo Island. We got to see so much beautiful nature and at night we even got to see the milky way. It was so amazing. We also took a trip to a winery, where we rented a bus, which took us to three different wineries and breweries. We all had such an amazing time.

We also got to experience the Adelaide Fringe, which I would recommend everyone to check out.

What did you like about Adelaide?

What I enjoyed most about Adelaide was the city vibe. It was so calm and busy at the same time. Everything was so close. There are so many restaurants and places to go and have a drink. Aussies are so laid back and welcoming. There is nothing to be shy about. I felt so welcome in Adelaide.

What did you like about UniSA?

At UniSA there are so many different subjects you can choose from. The campus facilities are modern and there are coffee shops, swimming pools and spectacular studios. My favourite spot on campus was the painting studio, which is located on top of a building with a glass ceiling and walls. The light that entered the building was so amazing and inspiring. I could sit there for hours and just paint.

If you could offer a piece of advice, a tip or simply some words of encouragement to fellow members of the Norwegian international student community, what would it be?

The advice I would offer is to say yes, try new activities especially ones that you think might not be for you, enjoy the experience to the fullest as we say in Norwegian Sleng deg med and dare to speak, even if you are shy.