Whether you are moving to Adelaide from overseas or interstate, below is a list of information to assist you in your transition. For more information regarding specific topics not fully discussed below, please visit and inquire from the relevant website.

Before you leave
  • Sort out all required documents such as obtaining the appropriate visa and ensure your passport is valid
  • Obtain a Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Understand your residency and tax situation
  • You may hire a migration agent to assist you in your transition to Australia
  • Ensure you have your health check-up
  • Do your research about Australia and the state you are planning to move in to
  • Sort out any financial obligations
  • Familiarise yourself with the process of bringing in items and pets into Australia
Upon arriving
  • Check into your temporary or other accommodation
  • Contact family and friends regarding your safe arrival
  • Set up your primary form of communication such as mobile and internet connection
  • Hire a car, if required, and familiarise yourself with the local public transport system
  • Sort out your financial needs including your TFN, funds and bank account
  • Register for a Medicare card, if eligible, or arrange for private health insurance
  • Collect your pets from quarantine, when necessary
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