Peer review

Policy statement

Peer review - the impartial and independent assessment of research by others working in the same or a related field - is a valuable mechanism for maintaining research standards of excellence and integrity. The University seeks to support and encourage researchers to participate in responsible peer review.

Researchers participating in peer review should have due regard for the professional and ethical responsibilities of the process, which means:

  • being fair and timely;
  • acting in confidence;
  • not taking advantage of knowledge obtained during the peer review process;
  • complying with the criteria to be applied in the review process;
  • not reviewing outside own area of expertise; and giving proper and fair consideration to research that challenges or changes accepted ways of thinking.

Researchers whose research is the subject of peer review must not seek to influence the process or outcomes and declare conflicts of interest.

Supervising researchers have a particular responsibility to induct research trainees into the practice of responsible peer review.