Awards & Achievements

Impactful research is at the core of The Future Industries Institute. We are very proud of our staff and students as they continue to deliver research excellence.

We look forward to continuing to celebrate the achievements of our FII community. Below is a list of achievements from our staff and students.

Images of Research - winners & finalists


  • award-trophy-oscar 2023 FII Director's Awards minus-thin plus-thin


    Early Career Researcher Award – Dr George Abaka-Wood

    Student Award – Stephanie MacWilliams

    Service Award – Liz Melville & Belinda Turner

    Research Support Award – Dr Alex Cavallaro

    EMCR Committee Members – Dr Richmond Asamoah: Chair, Dr Hanif Haidari: Co-Chair, Dr Chris Desire: Secretary, Dr Farzana Kastury: Treasure, Dr Ainslie Derrick-Roberts: Co-Treasurer, Dr Jing Zhang: Organising Secretary, Dr Mohammad hossein Hassanshahi: Co-Organising Secretary, Dr Adrienne Brotodewo: Social Media Manager

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    Alex Cavallaro
    Part of the PowerApps Team who won the Technical Team award at the 2023 STEM / FII Awards Celebrating Success.

    Sruthi Choppalli
    First place winner of the 2023 FII Seminar Series.

    Jessica Frahn
    Winner of one of the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE) Postgraduate Research Award (PGRA).

    Jessica Frahn
    Elected as a Student Representative for the 2023 ANSTO Australian Synchrotron User Advisory Committee (UAC).

    Matthew Griffith
    Awarded the David Sangster Polymer Science and Technology Award for 2023.

    Bin Guan
    Awarded Third Place for the IEEE Sensors 2023 Best Paper Award, “A Pump-Free Optofluidic Biosensing Platform Based on Whispering Gallery Mode Microsheres”.

    Hanif Haidari, Zlatko Kopecki & Allison Cowin
    Awarded the 2023 Best Paper Award by the journal Anitbiotics, in recognition of the outstanding publication “pH-Responsive “Smart” Hydrogel for Controlled Delivery of Silver Nanoparticles to Infected Wounds” for its originality, significance, citations, and downlaods.  published in Antibiotics MDPI.

    Colin Hall
    Awarded the Ray Reynoldson Medal from Materials Australia.

    Sofia Hassiotis
    Winner of the Technical award at the 2023 STEM / FII Awards Celebrating Success.

    Andrew Hatem
    Winner of the Best Poster Award at the APICAM2023 Conference in Sydney. 

    Kiralee Janusaitis
    Winner of the Animal Ethics Award, under ‘Research and Enterprise’ in the 2023 Unstoppable Awards.

    Farzana Kastury
    Winner in the Winnovation Awards; in the Rural, Regional & Remote category.

    Farzana Kastury
    Winner of the Inaugural Society of Toxicology and Environmental Chemistry (SETAC-AU) Photo Compition in the ‘Lab Category’ with “Breathing fire”.

    Stephanie MacWilliams
    Winner of the Higher Degree Researcher award, under ‘Research and Enterprise’ in the 2023 Unstoppable Awards.

    Jenna McDowell
    Winner of the Professional Staff award at the 2023 STEM / FII Awards Celebrating Success.

    Binoy Sarkar
    Became a Highly Cited Researcher 2023, as identified by ClarivateTM

    Pratishtah Sobrun
    Second place winner of the 2023 FII Seminar Series.

    Xanthe Strudwick
    Winner of the 2023 SA Young Tall Poppy Science Award.

    Mohamed Taha Amen
    Third place winner of the 2023 FII Seminar Series.

    Caroline Tiddy
    Winner in the Winnovation Awards; in the Maths & Data category.

    Belinda Turner
    Awarded the 2023 Frater and Career Development award for her work for the NanoCamp/Nanoscience Event Training.

    Yida Wang
    Winner of Ian Wark Research Medal - for his thesis “Energy management in interfacial solar evaporation systems”.
    Principle supervisor Haolan Xu

    Stephen Warren-Smith
    Winner of the Mid-Career Researcher award at the 2023 STEM / FII Awards Celebrating Success

    Pan Wu
    Winner of Norton Jackson Material Science and Engineering Medal - for his thesis “Interfacial Solar Driven Evaporation for Soil Remediation”.
    Principle supervisor Gary Owens

    Haolan Xu
    Winner of the Ralston Medal for 2023 for his paper ‘All-Cold Evaporation under One Sun with Zero Energy Loss by Using a Heatsink Inspired Solar Evaporator’.

  • award-trophy-oscar 2022 FII Director's Awards minus-thin plus-thin

    Engagement Award for working on the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) Project Round 14 "Advanced recovery of the battery materials and REE from ores and wastes"

    - Richmond Asamoah, Dr Pavel Spiridonov (InnovEco Australia), Joe Mifsud (COOE Pty Ltd), Gennadiy Sukhinin (InnovEco Australia), Dr George Abaka-Wood (UniSA-FII), A/Prof Larissa Statsenko (UniSA-STEM), Prof Jonas Addai-Mensah (UniSA-FII), Prof William Skinner (UniSA-FII))

    Senior Research Award – Zoe Doubleday

    Junior Research Award – Hanif Haidari

    Student Award – Jake Atkinson

    Service Award – Marina Lewis

    Research Support Award – Xanthe Strudwick

    Technical Support Award – John Denman

    Professional Support Award – Joint winners: Jenna McDowell & Kate Cameron

  • award-star-winner 2022 Awards & Achievements minus-thin plus-thin

    Zoe Doubleday
    2022 winner of the ATSE ICM Agrifood Award
    Click here to see a video of Dr Zoe Doubleday speaking about her research on seafood provenance, and her acceptance of the award.   

    Drew Evans and Eliza Switalska
    Part of the group that won the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Award in the Environment and Sustainability category for their work on the SmartSat project – SatCom IoT-enabled Automatic Ground Water Collection and Aggregation Pilot (SIG Water) Project.

    MinEx CRC 
    Finalists in the Excellence in Science and Industry Collaboration category of the SA Science Awards for the Delamerian NDI Drilling Campaign.

    Piotr Pawiliszak
    Winner of Ian Wark Research Medal - for his thesis “Hydrodynamic Boundary Conditions at Fluid-Liquid Interfaces: from Fundamentals to Application”.
    Principle supervisor Marta Krasowska

    Linda Rozenberga
    PhD candidate, awarded the Hunter Healy Award from the Australasian Colloid and Interface Society.

    Bill Skinner
    Appointed as Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy’ section of Minerals Journal.

    Caroline Tiddy
    2022 Superstar of STEM

    Shihong Xu
    Winner of Norton Jackson Material Science and Engineering Medal - for his thesis “Improving the floatability of oxidized pyrite”.
    Principle supervisor Bill Skinner.

    Kamil Zuber
    Dr Kamil Zuber is one of the most recent UniSA graduates of the Defence Industry Leadership Program hosted by the Defence Teaming Centre. The prestigious program sees future leaders from defence and defence industry developing their leadership skills and professional network in the complex context of defence.


Images of Research - Winners and finalists

The University of South Australia’s Images of Research competition celebrates the breadth and diversity of our innovation, and the people who make it happen.

Congratulations to all our winners and finalists.

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