Grant Success

Below are some of our recent grant funding successes. More information regarding the different types of Australian research categories can be found here.

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    Associate Professor Ivan Kempson
    Part of the successful ARC Research Centre for Radiation Innovation.
    This Centre aims to train the next generation of transdisciplinary leaders to enable, grow and transform industries that utilise or are impacted by radiation. Rapid growth in the natural resources, health, space and national security sectors urgently requires a highly capable workforce with scientific and regulatory knowledge to develop new technologies and social licence needs to maximise benefits.

    Associate Professor Haolan Xu
    Part of the successful ARC Research Hub in Zero-emission Power Generation for Carbon Neutrality, to which he is the SA Node Leader.
    This Hub aims to develop sustainable zero-emission power generation technologies to transform gaseous waste (mainly CO2) from our energy and manufacturing sectors into valuable products and create scalable pathways to market for driving industry transformation.

    CRC-P Round 14
    Professor William Skinner
    Project Title: Non-conventional beneficiation of ultra fine graphite at Sugarloaf Graphite Project, South Australia.

    MRFF Pancreatic Cancer Research Stream
    Lead Investigator: Professor Benjamin Thierry
    Project Title: First-in-Human feasibility and safety trial of a theranostic agent for image guided treatment and radiosensitisation of advanced pancreatic cancer.

    Mark Hughes Foundation
    Associate Professor Ivan Kempson
    Project Title: Ferromagnetic nanoparticles for targeted hyperthermia treatment of glioblastoma.  
    $119,981 (January 2024)

    ARC Discovery Project
    Professor Haolan Xu
    Project Title: Multi-energy driven photothermal evaporators for all-weather desalination.
    $572,537 (January 2024)

    Channel 7’s Children's Research Foundation
    Lead Investigator: Dr Hanif Haidari
    Investigators: Dr Zlatko Kopecki, Professor Allison Cowin, Professor Krasimir Vasilev
    Project Title: Development of a smart dissolvable antibacterial microneedle patch for deep burn wound biofilm infections.
    $100,000 (January 2024)

    Yitpi Foundation
    Dr Gary Owens
    Project Title: Influence of metal oxide nanomaterials on nutrient cycling in South Australian agricultural soils: Effect on Wheat.
    $15,800 (October 2023)

    Royal Society of New Zealand
    UniSA Lead: Professor Craig Priest
    Project Title: UV–vis spectroscopy of ultra-small scattering samples and individual micro-particles.
    $27,000 (October 2023)

    Contract research - BHP
    Dr George Akaba-Wood
    Project Title: Assessing the feasibility of Magnetic Recovery of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) from Tailings - Stage 2: Enhanced REE minerals recovery and upgrade.
    $58,557 (August 2023)

    Contract research - BHP
    Dr George Akaba-Wood
    Project Title: Investigating the feasibility of magnetic recovery of rare earth elements (REEs) from electric furnace slag.
    $29,066 (August 2023)

    MinEX CRC
    Lead Investigator: Dr Ben Van Der Hoek
    Project Title: LIBS for real-time analysis of wet and slurry drill cuttings.
    $163,749 (August 2023)

    Australian Academy of Science France and Europe EMCR Mobility Grant
    Dr Jing Zhang
    Project Title: MOF-polymer hybrid materials for functional 3D printing under visible light.
    $7,000 (August 2023)

    Lead Investigator: Professor Allison Cowin 
    Other Investigator: Dr Xanthe Strudwick
    Project Title: Development of alternative antimicrobial agents for the treatment of skin conditions to improve animal health and productivity.
    $551,195 (July 2023)

    Tour de Cure grant
    Lead Investigator: Professor Benjamin Thierry 
    Other Investigators: Dr Nicole Dmochowska
    Project Title: Improving Brain Tumour Outcomes through Molecular Imaging Guided Treatment.
    $81,443 (July 2023)

    Contract research - Andromeda Metals
    Dr George Akaba-Wood
    Project Title: The removal of iron and titanium gangue particles from kaolin product.
    $4,431 (June 2023)

    Forest and Wood Products Australia
    Professor Albert Juhasz
    Project Title: Assessment of current best practice techniques for handling pesticides in forestry applications.
    $917,000 (June 2023)

    Australia India Research Collaboration Grants
    Professor Frank Bruno
    Project Title: Phase change materials for temperature and fire control of batteries and electronics.
    $30,000 (June 2023)

    Contract Research - DSTG
    Lead Investigator: Professor Colin Hall
    Other Investigators: Simon Doe
    Project Title: Fabrication of Spin Torque oscillator: Stages 1 and 2 Feasibility.
    $38,000 (June 2023)

    Lead Investigator: Professor Craig Priest
    Other Investigator: Simon Doe
    Project Title: To develop processes for manufacturing next generation three mirror astigmatic telescope.
    $18,000 (June 2023)

    Innovation Connections Grant
    Lead Investigator: Professor Craig Priest
    Project Title: Optimisation of HPG coating process for the inside of tubing.
    $84,052 (May 2023)

    European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
    Dr Zlatko Kopecki
    Project Title: Proof-of-concept of plasma-activated water as a novel antimicrobial lavage for MRSA wound infections.
    $15,440 (May 2023)

    CRC - Race for 2030
    Lead Investigator: Professor Frank Bruno
    Project Title: Business Power Flex: Business customer solutions to minimum demand.
    $448,500 (April 2023)

    Contract Research - Nyrstar
    Lead Investigator: Dr George Akaba-Wood 
    Other Investigators: Professor William Skinner
    Project Title: Investigation of Critical Metals Recovery and Upgrade from Continuous Drossing Furnace Slag.
    $75,595 (April 2023)

    Contract Research – MZ Minerals, Newcrest Mining, Oz Minerals, Anglo American, Maggoteaux
    Professor William Skinner
    Project Title: Advanced Floatation.
    $1,065,000 (April 2023)

    Contract Research – EPA Victoria
    Professor Albert Juhasz
    Project Title: Assessment of contaminant distribution and bioaccessibility in mine waste from the Central Victorian Goldfields.
    $72,303 (March 2023)

    MRFF EMCR Grant
    Co-Lead Investigator: Dr Zlatko Kopecki
    Project Title: Plasma Flush – translating cold plasma technology as an antimicrobial wound irrigation towards clinical trials”.
    $180,000 (March 2023)

    DEBRA Australia
    Lead Investigator: Dr Zlatko Kopecki
    Other Investigators: Dr Hanif Haidari, Professor Allison Cowin
    Project Title: Photo-antibody therapeutic platform for the treatment of infected wounds in EB.
    $50,000 (March 2023)

    Tissue Repair Pty Ltd
    Professor Allison Cowin
    Project Title: Preclinical studies to determine the efficacy and mechanism of Glucoprime in wound repair.
    $199,759 (January 2023)

    CRC-P Round 13
    Lead Investigator: Professor Benjamin Thierry
    Project Title: Working with Ferronova, a SME developing super-paramagnetic iron-oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) for image guided cancer surgery and therapy.
    $3,000,000 (January 2023)

    NHMRC Development Grant
    Lead Investigator: Professor Benjamin Thierry
    Chief Investigator: Associate Professor Ivan Kempson
    Associate Investigator: Dr Nicole Dmochowska
    Project Title: Preclinical Validation of a Targeted Theranostic Agent for MRI Guided Radiotherapy and Radiosensitisation of Aggressive Brain Tumours.
    $837,287 (January 2023)

    EntX Limited, Australian Government
    Lead Investigator: Professor Drew Evans
    Project Title: GenX Beta-Voltaic Power Generation Battery.
    $1,100,000 (December 2022)

  • person-money 2022 minus-thin plus-thin

    Professor Erica Donner
    $72m (a total cash and in kind budget of $150 million)

    Professor Colin Hall
    Trailblazer Universities Program, iLAUNCH hub
    $8.4 million (total value of cash and in-kind over this period is $19.7 million)

    Dr Zlatko Kopecki
    Channel 7 Children's Research Foundation
    Development of the next generation antimicrobial dermal matrix for the management of deep burn injury

    Dr Ainslie Derrick-Roberts
    Channel 7 Children's Research Foundation
    Plasma activated hydrogel therapy as a novel treatment for paediatric burns

    Dr Zlatko Kopecki
    The Hospital Research Foundation
    A minimally invasive method for early detection of malignant skin carcinoma

    Dr Duy Tran
    The Hospital Research Foundation
    Point of Care Testing for Preeclampsia Towards Improving Antenatal Care in Rural Australia

    Professor David Giles
    MinEx CRC, Staffing and Students

    Soren Soe
    MinEx CRC, Project 1 – Phase 2

    Soren Soe
    MinEx CRC, Project 2 – Phase 2

    Dr Ben van der Hoek & Associate Professor Caroline Tiddy
    MinEx CRC, Project 3 – Phase 2

    Dr Adrienne Brotodewo
    MinEx CRC, Project 7 – Phase 2

    Professor Drew Evans
    CRC-P, Circular Market Development for Silicon from Solar Photovoltaic

    Professor Benjamin Thierry & Dr Nicole Dmochowska
    MTP Connect-MRFF REDI Fellowships
    FAPi-MRI towards better target delineation of high grade gliomas

    Dr Zlatko Kopecki
    The Hospital Research Foundation Group
    A minimally invasive method for early detection of malignant skin carcinoma

    Dr Duy Tran
    The Hospital Research Foundation Group
    Point of Care Testing for Preeclampsia Towards Improving Antenatal Care in Rural Australia

    Professor Craig Priest
    Fertilis Pty Ltd
    Micromedical Device Fabrication using Two-photon Additive Manufacturing


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