Healthy, safe and thriving workplaces can have a profound positive impact on the people and economy of South Australia (SA). Research evidence shows that workplace safety, employee health and wellbeing lead to increased productivity, reduced workforce injuries and illness, enhanced employee engagement and job satisfaction combined with a stronger sense of community cohesion.

The Centre for Workplace Excellence (CWeX) is commissioned to help validate Wellbeing SA’s Healthy Workplace Assessment Tool. If your workplace is anywhere in SA, you can use the Tool to assess your strengths and weaknesses to create healthy and safe workplace. This tool can also be used to develop specific prevention and intervention strategies for your circumstances so you can benefit from the creation of a safe and thriving workplace.

The survey covers key domains related to the promotion and protection of worker health, safety and wellbeing, and is created for business decision-makers including owners, general managers, work health and safety representatives, and human resource managers to reflect your understanding of policies, practices and programs currently existing in your workplace.


Leadership Cimmitment and Communication


Worker Participation and Consultation


Policies, Practices and Procedures


Physical Work Environment


Programs and Workforce Capability


Data-Driven Measurement and Evaluation


Psycological Safety Climate


About You and Your Organisation

The best person to complete this survey is the person who would be mainly, or at least partly, responsible for health, safety and employee wellbeing at your workplace. If you are such person, please take the survey by clicking the button below:

Take the survey

This survey takes about 10-15 minutes. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, simply answer to the best of your knowledge. The answers you provide show how much you agree with a particular statement (through a scale of 1 = strongly disagree to 5 = strongly agree).

This project has been approved by the UniSA Business Negligible Risk Ethics Committee (Application ID: 016/2022). Please contact UniSA Business Ethics Committee via Email: if you have any concern with reference to this survey. You can also contact the Project Lead: A/Prof. Connie for further information.

Project Lead: A/Prof. Connie Zheng
Co-Investigators: Dr. Sanjee Perera; Dr. Amy Zadow;
Project Advisor:  Prof. Maureen Dollard
Research Assistants: Isabella Dong, Daniel Neser, Sophie Richter & Raman Voranou
Technical person: Ashkan Hayati

Final project report - Executive Summary (3 pages)
Access to Full Final Project Report (106 pages) here


Zheng, C., Zadow, A., Perera, P., Dollard, M., Richter, S., Neser, D., Dong, I., Voranau, R., & Hayati, A., (2022c). Final Project Report: Evaluation and Validation of Wellbeing SA’s Healthy Workplace Check (HWC) Tool, Centre for Workplace Excellence, University of South Australia.

Zheng, C., Perera, S., Zadow, A., Dollard, M., Neser, D., Dong, I., Richter, S., & Voranau, R. (2022b). A Brief Report on Findings from Content Validation of The HWC Tool and Justification for Changes. Centre for Workplace Excellence, University of South Australia.

Zheng, C., Perera, S., Zadow, A., Dollard, M., Neser, D., Dong, I., Richter, S., & Voranau, R. (2022a). Evaluation of the DRAFT Healthy Workplace Self-Assessment Tool – Phase I Summary Report. Centre for Workplace Excellence, University of South Australia.