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The PSC Global Observatory, Centre for Workplace Excellence and Justice and Society, UniSA

Invites you and your colleagues to attend the public lecture

“Transformative Change in the Future of Work” by Professor Sharon Parker

Tuesday 10th October 2023


Professor Sharon Parker is UniSA’s 2023 Thinker in Residence, based at the Psychosocial Safety Climate Global Observatory (PSC-GO) at UniSA. PSC-GO is a world-first platform that manages national and international research on workplace psychosocial safety, established in 2020 by Australian Research Council Kathleen Fitzpatrick Australian Laureate Fellow, Professor Maureen Dollard.

In this lecture, Prof Parker will outline some of the big challenges ahead for work and workers that are emerging as a result of digital technologies. On the one hand, digital technologies bring enormous opportunities for work and society, replacing ‘dull, dirty, and dangerous work’, and augmenting human performance in powerful ways. On the other hand, the technologies, and the work practices they enable, also bring significant risks for work and workers as well, ranging from the eradication of employment opportunities all together, to the creation of work that is more intense, lacking in control, and extensively monitored, amongst other such risks. Against this backdrop, Prof Parker argues that organisational professionals need to adapt to these changes, making strategic and operational decisions that support human worker health, well-being and performance.

On the current trajectory, there is a danger that we will see both more disasters like Robodebt and Boeing 737 crashes and rising insidious negative outcomes such as growing levels of worker burnout. Prof Parker argues researchers and professionals from diverse disciplines need to work together proactively to shape the design of technology, work and new ways of working.

Using positive and negative examples from multiple sectors and multiple countries, Prof Parker will make a case for a revitalised sociotechnical approach to help support future transformative change in work that is positive for both workers and employers.

PhD Thinkers Program 2023

Kathleen Fitzpatrick Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship

PhD Thinkers.pngWednesday 11 and Thursday 12 October 2023

Building the next generation of female academics

Inviting female PhD candidates who are passionate about generating innovative solutions to real world problems to join a 2-day cross-disciplinary workshop at UniSA, Adelaide.

The workshop will be led by an expert research team ARC Laureate Fellow, Professor Maureen Dollard, interdisciplinary project experts (Match Studio) and UniSA’s 2023 Thinker in Residence, esteemed ARC Laureate Fellow Professor Sharon Parker from Curtin University. ​

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