At the University of South Australia’s Centre for Workplace Excellence (CWeX), we make it our business to give organisations the knowledge to empower them to achieve excellence in organisational productivity and employee wellbeing. 

Through our evidence-based research, we uncover invaluable insights and best practice on topics such as employee health, safety and wellbeing; workforce diversity and inclusion; bullying and harassment prevention; leadership, culture and performance; and human resource management systems, practices and structures to demonstrate how organisations can address the workplace challenges of today and into the future.

Our solutions-focused approach will help you to identify what really works in the workplace, where changes can be made, and how organisations can evolve to become front runners in the global marketplace. 

We do the hard work through our multidisciplinary research to make sure that your workplace can function at its best, with guidance from the latest practices in workplace excellence.

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We can help you achieve workplace excellence

Competitive pressures are driving organisations to set higher productivity goals, trim costs and increase efficiency. Societies are experiencing demographic and cultural shifts due to increased migration, employee mobility and workforce diversity. These factors mean that the link between organisational effectiveness and employee wellbeing is more visible and vital, than ever.

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What we do

Our team of experts offer evidence-based practice and policy guidance to achieve excellence in organisational cultures, systems and practices – which are the most valuable drivers of organisational effectiveness and employee wellbeing.

Thanks to our rigorous research, we can enable your workplace to become front-runners in a global marketplace.

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