Do you have students who are looking for a short-term study option?

Study Abroad and Student Exchange are short term programs that enable international students to study for six to twelve months in any of the University of South Australia’s campuses in Adelaide.

These programs offer a unique educational experience that prepares students for professional and personal success. Students can also combine their formal education with travel before, during and after their studies.

Whether students apply for a Study Abroad or Student Exchange program depends on whether their home university is an exchange partner of the University of South Australia.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad students can choose a wide range of courses from different schools. Find out more about course options available to your students. More information about our Study Abroad program can be found in our Study Abroad brochure.

Student exchange

If your student is studying at one of our university partners they may be eligible for the Student Exchange program. Students must contact their home university for application information.

University partners

Your student may be eligible for a place in our exchange program or a Study Abroad partner discount. Check to see if your student is studying at one of our Study Abroad partners  or exchange partner institutions.