Education Services for Overseas Students Legislative Framework (ESOS)

The University of South Australia is a registered higher education provider that offers education services to overseas students. To provide education and training services to international students the University must comply with rules and regulations required by the Federal Government and the National Regulator TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency).

The ESOS Framework incorporates the:

Your obligations as our Agent under the ESOS Act are outlined in your Student Referral and Recruitment Agreement and include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring students are planning to be genuine temporary entrants to Australia with the purpose of achieving a successful education outcome and returning home
  • Providing students with current information regarding the University, entry requirements, the program, fees, living in Australia, a description of the ESOS framework prior to completing an application for a program
  • Ensuring that a student’s qualifications, experience and English language proficiency are appropriate for the program
  • Informing potential students that their primary purpose must be to study and complete within their CoE duration, and that if they are accompanied by school age children they may be required to pay full fees at either government or non-government schools
  • Not engaging in any dishonest practices and not providing immigration advice where not legally authorised to do so.

The ESOS Act requires us to maintain a list of our education agents on our website. To ensure your details are accurate update your details on Easy Agent.