At SMAG, we are qualified and experienced at providing management and advice on research and testing projects. We are flexible when liaising with clients and meeting their requirements. Our list of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Independent specialised testing and research facilities with unique equipment
  • Dynamic and collaborative long-term partnerships
  • Innovative research initiatives in collaboration with other research bodies and industry
  • Postgraduate education both local and international, to study in a research team environment
  • An integrated source of applied research and development
  • A commitment to initiatives that produce increasingly sustainable residential construction

SMAG draws on the expertise found within the research hub located at UniSA’s Mawson Lakes campus to deliver independent specialist concrete and soil services for the wider community and industry. 


Building and Construction Materials

  • Specialised concrete mix design
  • Effect of increased limestone mineral addition on cement performance
  • Use of recycled crumb rubber as partial aggregate replacement in concrete
  • Determination of chloride penetration of concrete



  • Use of recycled building waste materials in pavements
  • Development of a pavement testing facility for unbound pavements and recycled materials
  • Thin asphalt overlays and inlays for rehabilitation of asphalt pavements
  • Refined back-analysis of pavement bowls for characterisation of materials
  • Model for the characterisation of resilient modulus of clay subgrades


  • Reinforcement of existing transmission towers to increase load capacity
  • Modelling of downburst wind loads on extended structural systems
  • Cold-formed steel structural members, connections capacity analysis
  • Use of crumb rubber concrete for structural building elements
  • Lightweight innovative composite wall panels
  • Impact testing for windborne debris
  • Steel roof and wall framing development and testing


  • The impact of street trees on pavements and houses
  • Prediction of ground movements due to expansive soils
  • Soil liquefaction
  • Piles in expansive soils
  • The cyclic stiffness of collapsing soils