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Our future depends on the increased application of sustainable infrastructure and responsible use of our natural resources. The University of South Australia’s Sustainable Infrastructure and Resource Management (SIRM) facilitates this goal by conducting research in three main streams:

  • Natural Resources and Environmental Resilience
  • Innovative Infrastructure and Asset Management
  • Smart Communities

The construction industry is an essential part of our lives, but it is one of the highest contributors to climate emissions.  SIRM is committed to meaningful research that can help re-shape this industry into a leader in sustainable practices.  SIRM also works directly with the resource sector, particularly water and forestry, to inspire innovative management. 

SIRM brings together diverse research expertise to address significant challenges for industries and the society at the interface of the natural and the built environments at both the macro and micro level to:

  • Sustainably manage natural and built environments by applying innovative and efficient resource use.
  • Build resilient ecological and human systems through active engagement of diverse stakeholders.
  • Implement circular economy principles (rethink, reduce, re-use, and recycle) and innovative technologies for construction and other built environment sectors.
  • Promote smart resource recovery and the design and construction of efficient net-zero buildings.
  • Support liveable cities and regional communities, tourism and agri-food production.

SMAG - Specialised Testing & Research Unit

Structural materials and assemblies testing group

Australian Flow Management Group

Servicing specialised testing needs of the water industry


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