Chief Investigators:  Dr Keri Hopeward, AsPr James Hopeward, Professor Delene Weber, Anne Souvertjis and Professor John Boland

Year commenced/completed:  2021 - 2024

Our project responds to the growing public appetite for meaningful change towards wellbeing, resilience and sustainability.

Participants will engage in an adult education program that helps them to establish baseline environmental and social data and set SMART goals for improvement.  We expect these goals to empower them to effect change in their households and communities, while reporting on progress toward goals.  We will develop an online platform to deliver educational materials with a portal that will allow participants to upload data and share their journey.  Key outcomes for policymakers and participants alike include crucial information on engagement with, effectiveness of, and barriers to, different actions at the individual and household scale, linked to demographic and geographic factors.

We will launch the first Living Lightly Locally pilot program in early 2022 and run it for one year. We will run a second pilot the following year, culminating in delivery of Living Lightly Locally facilitator training in 2024.

Living Lightly Locally

Description: Dr Keri Hopeward highlighting passive design features on house with solar panels surrounded by biodiverse garden and small car. Image credit: Baxter Wiles (photographer) and Green Adelaide.