Leading research into safe and healthy relationships and socially-inclusive communities

The University of South Australia’s Safe Relationships and Communities Research Group (SRC) promotes the development of safe and healthy interpersonal relationships and strong socially-inclusive communities based on social justice, equity and equality. Our research advances innovative ways to tackle social marginalisation and enhance citizenship by generating new knowledge about how intersecting social inequalities related to gender, race, class, disability and sexuality shape many of the common social problems confronting Australia and other countries.  

SRC brings together research and industry partners to create a dynamic interdisciplinary research program through creative new collaborations across the social sciences, humanities, law, education and health. Our research has generated new understandings and approaches to domestic, family and sexual violence, trauma, race-based discrimination and abuse, child abuse and children’s rights, parenting, stigma and social marginalisation experienced by people with mental health problems, discrimination and abuse experienced by people with disability, elder abuse and institutional abuse.

We are the only dedicated research unit in in South Australia focused on the promotion of safe relationships and communities, and the prevention of violence and abuse. As a community-engaged, industry-oriented research group, we provide high level expertise and resources in this area that offer new insights and real-world solutions for prevention, the provision of support and education.

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Safe Relationships and Communities Research Group

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