Director - Professor Nicole MouldingNicole Moulding

Professor Nicole Moulding is the Director of the Safe Relationships and Communities Research Group (SRC) and Professor of Social Work in UniSA: Justice & Society. Nicole is an internationally recognised scholar and researcher in the area of gendered violence, and the gendered aspects of mental health and wellbeing.  She is the author of Gendered Violence, Mental Health and Recovery in Everyday Lives: Beyond Trauma (2016) and co-author of The Sexual Politics of Gendered Violence and Women’s Citizenship (2019). Nicole has published more than 40 research articles in this field based on her research into gendered violence and mental health and wellbeing.

Deputy Director - Dr Fiona Buchanan

Dr Fiona Buchanan is a senior lecturer with the University of South Australia. Before entering academia, Fiona worked for many years with women and child survivors of domestic and family violence in the UK and then Australia. Her research interests are concerned with children, mothering and relationships between women and children affected by domestic violence. She is also known for utilises creative methodologies in her research. Fiona has presented at many global conferences and published widely in international journals plus authored seven book chapters. Her book: Mothering in domestic violence: beyond attachment theory, (2018) is published by Routledge.

Full members

Nerida Chazal
Program Facilitator, University of South Australia Online
CS4-01, City West Campus
Amy Cleland
Aboriginal Strategy and Engagement Lead, UniSA Justice & Society
LB1-21, City West Campus
Jane Cowie
Lecturer, UniSA Justice & Society
MB1-25C, Whyalla Campus
Caroline Ellison
Program Director: Bachelor of Social Science (Ageing and Disability), UniSA Justice & Society
H1-32, Magill Campus
Michelle Fernando
Research Degree Coordinator, UniSA Justice & Society
LB2-06B, City West Campus
Kalpana Goel
Lecturer, UniSA Justice & Society
MB1-25B, Whyalla Campus
Bernard Guerin
Professor, UniSA Justice & Society
H1-21, Magill Campus
Chris Horsell
Lecturer, UniSA Justice & Society
H1-31, Magill Campus
Cate Hudson
Dean of Programs (Justice & Society), UniSA Justice & Society
H2-27, Magill Campus
Michele Jarldorn
Senior Lecturer, UniSA Justice & Society
H1-29, Magill Campus
Ben Livings
Associate Professor of Criminal Law/Evidence, UniSA Justice & Society
LB2-02B, City West Campus
Kerry Maxfield
Senior Lecturer, UniSA Justice & Society
H1-20, Magill Campus