Our team members are involved in a wide range of research projects exploring the promotion of safe relationships and communities. Our research includes projects on the impact of intimate partner violence and family violence on individuals, families and communities and approaches to prevention and support, supporting families and children who have experienced family violence, women’s housing after domestic violence, the impact of childhood emotional abuse on adult mental health and supporting women who mother in domestic violence. A key study conducted by SRC members involved ground-breaking research into the impact of intimate partner violence on women’s citizenship.

Gendered violence and citizenship: the complex effects of intimate partner violence on mental health, housing and employment

Australian Research Council-funded Discovery Project

Investigators: Suzanne Franzway, Nicole Moulding, Carole Zufferey, Donna Chung and Sarah Wendt

This project revealed the interconnected impact of intimate partner violence on women’s citizenship with a focus on mental health, housing, work and social participation. The project contributed to the development of domestic violence leave for South Australian public servants and the establishment of the Zahra Foundation. A book has been recently published from this study entitled, Franzway, S., Moulding, N.T., Wendt, S., Zufferey, C. & Chung, D. (2019) The Sexual Politics of Gendered Violence and Women’s Citizenship. Bristol: Policy Press.