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Transforming societies through global citizenship

Societies are in constant flux. Research in ‘Transforming Societies’ examines and evaluates changes in the world and how it impacts our lives as individuals, families, organisations, and communities. The outcomes of the research challenge current thinking. They will guide and inform decision making to approach transformation for the benefit of all, especially the most vulnerable who can be further marginalised in a changing world. Our interdisciplinary research is focussed on the following key questions: How is society being transformed? What transforms society? How can we transform society to benefit individuals?

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Research stories


Enterprising Research: Engaging youth in learning and work through film-making

Dr Deborah Price


Enterprising Research: Archiving digital architectural records

Associate Professor Christine Garnaut


Enterprising Research: Fresh water literacies

Dr Kathryn Paige


Enterprising Research: The history of Aboriginal stolen wages in South Australia

Professor Martin Shanahan


Enterprising Research: Creative strategies to support learning outcomes in numeracy

Professor Lester Rigney


Enterprising Research: The voice of girls in STEM

Dr Ruth Geer

Significant alliances

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We invite you to reach out and explore the exciting opportunities for your organisation to partner with UniSA. For more information and to connect with us please contact:

Professor Andy KoroniosAndy.Koronios@unisa.edu.au
Ph: (08) 8302 9129

Natalie FordeNatalie.forde@unisa.edu.au
Ph: (08) 8302 5854

Demi Kastanos: Demi.Kastanos@unisa.edu.au
Ph: (08) 8302 6566


If you’re interested in engaging with our “Transforming Societies” research theme, please contact Professor Nancy Arthur via research.themes@unisa.edu.au

Further Research Theme Steering Group members:

Adrian Franklin
Alwin Chong
David Cropley
Leonie Segal
Lia Bryant
Martin Shanahan
Simon Biggs
Simon Leonard
Susan Luckman

For a full list of UniSA’s Research Theme Steering Groups, click here.

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