UniSA’s Centre for Research in Educational and Social Inclusion (CRESI) is committed to creating a society that fosters educational and social inclusion.

Educational and social inclusion is a prerequisite for a democratic education or education in democracy. Achieving educational inclusion requires systems, educators, researchers and communities to recognise, investigate and address barriers to successful inclusion in all their forms and in every learning context.

Educational and social exclusion impacts differently on different groups - meaning that there is a need to bring together researchers with broad expertise. Social change ­such as through digital technologies, globalisation and new family forms, creates new challenges as well as new opportunities for educational research and practice in this area. Barriers to inclusion can be subtle or stark, requiring careful and sustained research engagement to determine what is happening and how best to dismantle those barriers to achieve more inclusive societies.

CRESI is a centre for inspired, engaged, collaborative and innovative research into educational and social inclusion that is globally recognised and applied. We bring together a range of complimentary methodologies and expertise from a range of educational and social disciplines and theories.

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