Generating knowledge to create a society that fosters educational and social inclusion

The University of South Australia’s Centre for Research in Educational and Social Inclusion (CRESI) is one of the largest research concentrations in the world that is focused on contributing to new knowledge about issues related to educational and social inclusion.

Like many countries, Australia is experiencing widening economic and educational inequality which is undermining the social cohesion, national productivity, and the wellbeing of the population. In fact, Australia is now one of the least equitable educational systems in the OECD.

CRESI researchers have a range of interdisciplinary expertise to undertake a broad scope of research that contribute to and mitigate educational and social inequalities.

Our mission is to generate research-based knowledge to inform inclusive educational and social policy and practices across the lifespan. We conduct interdisciplinary research to generate knowledge of systemic forms of exclusion; policy analysis and critique focusing on policies' effects; theory building to understand complex phenomena; and case studies of hopeful sites of educational and social inclusion. Our research contributes to greater education equity to enhance social cohesion and wellbeing.


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Centre for Research in Educational and Social Inclusion

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