Meet the IVE team

IVE brings together some of the brightest minds in AR and VR research from across the University to address societal challenges and transform industry in sectors such as housing, defence and healthcare.

With more than 100 members, our cross-disciplinary team takes pride in the effective partnerships we develop with end-users of our research.

Leadership Team

Professor Bruce Thomas
Director: IVE, Wearable Computing
Professor Mark Billinghurst
Deputy Director: IVE, Empathic Computing
Professor Ning Gu
Deputy Director: IVE, Building and Urban Informatics
Professor Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky
Professor: Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Professor Ian Gwilt
Research Professor: Design, Design for Health and Wellbeing
Dr Julie Nichols
Senior Lecturer, Building & Urban Informatics Group
Associate Professor Ross Smith
Associate Professor in Computer Science, Wearable Computing
Dr Deirdre Feeney
Lecturer: Contemporary Art, Creative Computing Studio
Professor Javaan Singh Chahl
Professor of Sensor Systems, Sensor Systems
Dr Peter Schumacher
Senior Lecturer, Human Centred Design
Dr Gun Lee
Senior Lecturer, Empathic Computing
Dr Jo Zucco
Program Director, Wearable Computing

Administration team



Research Groups