Investigate, discover and deliver innovative and creative solutions that change people’s realities.

The Australian Research Centre for Virtual and Interactive Environment – IVE – is a world leading research centre focused on advancing the use of immersive technologies such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

IVE brings together a team of world leading researchers with a long and passionate history. Formed in 2019, IVE was created from previous UniSA research centres and consolidated into a specialised hub exploring the use of immersive technologies, bringing over 20 years of knowledge and experience to IVE’s core services.

Combining computer science, engineering, neuroscience, industrial design, architecture, art and human factors, IVE applies a multi-disciplinary approach to solving challenging problems that helps pave the way for the delivery of new products and services.

Our Vision

To positively influence the world through changing people’s realities

Our Mission

Working collaboratively with our industry partners we combine our world expertise in Augmented and Virtual Reality with Art, Architecture and Design to investigate and solve real-world problems that deliver impactful outcomes.

Our Strategic Principles



Explore challenging ideas that produce innovative industry focussed research that is measured against the world's best.



Develop and grow our partnerships such that our research delivers valued outcomes for industry and society.



Develop the next generation of world leading researchers and inspire the next generation of emerging talent.

A world leader in augmented and virtual reality technologies

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