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IVE welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with industry, academia and students.

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    IVE offers a variety of industry engagement and partnership options. Introductory engagements, such as providing student industry projects or co-investing with IVE in the development of proof of concept solutions, offer an organisation the opportunity to experience the value of engaging with quality research talent with minimal investment. Beyond introductory engagement many organisations choose to partner with IVE in joint, collaborative research and development projects that aim to solve challenging technical problems that lead to new and enhanced products and services that our partners may wish to commercialise. Partners of IVE have access to world-leading researchers, whose knowledge of current and emerging technologies offers valuable insights that help inform their product development roadmaps.

    IVE brings together leading research in AR and VR technologies and their application to solve real-world challenges. We know how to combine our research expertise and assets in unique and tailored ways to ensure the outcomes we deliver are focused on your needs. We invite you to reach out and explore the opportunities for your organisation by partnering with IVE.

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    IVE has a proud history of collaborating with many academic institutions, bringing together talented researchers from around the globe to solve challenging problems. If you are interested in collaborating with IVE, please contact us. One of our leadership team will reach out to explore how best to establish a partnership, including arranging an academic visitation.

    IVE also offers membership opportunities providing access to all IVE activities and programs including seminars, workshops, professional development activities, and a broad range of facilities.

    If you would like to become a member of IVE, please complete the IVE membership application form.

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    Study with us

    IVE welcomes and supports students who wish to explore and learn more about a career in research. There are many ways you can do this, including participating in:

    Visiting student placements (international and domestic)

    Please contact a member of the IVE leadership team.

    Vacation scholarships

    Details of available projects and how to apply can be found here.

    Honours projects

    Please complete the internal application form.


    If you are interested in studying with us, it is recommended that you use Find A Research Expert to identify a researcher in your area of interest prior to emailing them to determine their availability to supervise you and support your application. Once you have identified a supervisor, please lodge your application online.


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