The CIAM - Industrial and Applied Mathematics develops mathematical and statistical research that underpins science, engineering and technology.

Leading the way in pure and applied mathematical research, CIAM aims to:

  • discover, understand and interpret natural phenomena
  • apply mathematics to important industrial and social problems
  • advance mathematics and its applications
  • develop new research strengths in mathematics and statistics
  • train the next generation of mathematical scientists 

Our focus

  • modelling of chemical and physical phenomena and processes
  • finance, risk and stochastic modelling
  • scheduling and control, applied optimisation and operations research
  • mathematical analysis

CIAM incorporates research across several themes including:

  • mathematical analysis
  • modelling of systems and processes
  • optimisation and optimal control
  • signal and image processing
  • scheduling and control for transportation systems and water management
  • financial mathematics and risk management
  • environmental mathematics
  • resource assessment and forecasting
  • energy in buildings

Working in collaboration with industry partners CIAM develops innovative solutions for social and industrial problems across a broad range of disciplines. CIAM has worked across the RACE CRC, the FENEX CRC, and the ARENA Project to create impactful and solution driven research. 

The ARENA project is a solar power ensemble forecaster and through collaboration with CIAM a publicly accessible web dashboard exists. The dashboard details a location sitemap, satellite imagery, skycam and a power, forecast and weather station, providing live data to make effective and timely decisions.