The University of South Australia’s Industrial AI Research Centre has a unified vision - to design sophisticated AI-driven solutions through research that makes an impact.

ai-software-picture.jpgOur aim is to lead the way in the future of artificial intelligence by contributing world-leading research to aid the global revolution in artificial intelligence, machine learning, Industry 4.0, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies.

Bringing together experts from across computer sciences and mathematics, we develop solutions for autonomous and augmented intelligence systems. Our researchers tackle challenges in design and product configuration in health, bioinformatics, asset management and the plant operations sector by following design science approaches for modelling and solving of real-world problems. We have expertise in the integration of software systems between organisations, automation of made-to-order manufacturing at mass scale, and the diagnosis and repair faults in complex systems. 

We are also dedicated to advancing the field of artificial intelligence through research into human language processing by computers and we are dedicated to finding solutions for autonomous and augmented intelligence systems.

Working closely with our partners, industry and organisations worldwide, we create unique solutions and develop research that will cater to specific needs. We aim to foster partnerships that will grow research in the global revolution.

The Industrial AI Research Centre has the skills and knowledge to meet demand and lead the next technological revolution.