Co-developed driver advice system continually calculates the most efficient way to complete a journey

Researcher: Associate Professor Peter Pudney

Our researchers in partnership with the TTG Transportation Technology devised a train driver advice system called Energymiser.

The system continually calculates the most efficient way to complete a journey, accounting for track gradients, speed and power limits; advising the driver when to apply power, maintain speed, coast and brake, all whilst reconciling against the timetable.

Energymiser is now in use on more than 4,000 trains across the UK, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, China, India, Australia and New Zealand.

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Sustainable research building the foundation for a greener living

UniSA researchers with expertise in science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, social sciences, economics, architecture and design partnered with the construction industry, resident communities, local, state and federal governments in the Cooperative Research Centre for Low-Carbon Living.

In collaboration with industry and government, UniSA researchers achieved a 66% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and energy use within Lochiel Park (compared to 2004 SA household averages).

The results suggest that if Lochiel Park’s low-carbon standards were adopted across South Australia, the state would save $1.31 billion over 10 years.