Our research themes

Our aim is to lead the way into the future of artificial intelligence. We conduct research in:

Artificial Intelligence

At UniSA’s Industrial AI research centre, we develop high efficiency methods for modelling and constructing intelligent software systems for solving industry’s real-world problems.


Ontology Engineering

Our research explores the industrial employment of ontologies; the specification of key concepts in a particular application domain, and the ways in which these concepts are related, written in a machine interpretable language.


Integrating private ontologies

We perform ongoing research into the areas of configuration and mass customisation, and the integration of private ontologies. Both areas deal with reasoning over a businesses’ domain knowledge, with the intent to improve services and the interactions between businesses.

Knowledge representation

Our research investigates the creation of reasoning through artificial intelligence via a machine-interpretable representation of a logical network topology and information flow.


Natural language processing and understanding

With so much information stored in textual documents and resources, it is often necessary to improve the way in which users query and extract useful information from them. At UniSA’s Industrial AI, we are investigating knowledge-based approaches for natural language processing (NLP).

Our research groups