For management to have impact on their culture, they must first have an understanding of how their employees see their organisation and behave as they do.  Whilst every organisation's culture is unique, they can be profiled to make sense of an otherwise complex landscape . Some organisational culture profiles are more agile, flexible and familiar with rapid environmental changes, whereas other profiles suggest consistency and strict standards of behaviour. Understanding the strengths and areas for growth of your organisation’s culture can help to provide more targeted development opportunities and strategies for effectively engaging employees.

In addition to culture, our surveys assess climate to understand what people think and feel about their organisations, how resilient and optimistic they are and how these feelings and thoughts then impact satisfaction, behaviour and productivity. 

How it works

Customised Surveys

Prior to survey launch with work with your management teams to customise the survey tools based on your needs. Some organisations have a limitied understanding of their culture profile so opt for full scales to capture broad pictures while others sometimes chose more targeted approaches.  

Survey open for optimal time with real-time tracking

The survey remains open for an agreed period to obtain the optimal number of respondents. Should you experience any shortfalls we work with each client, implementing strategies, to ensure the best result. 

Data is analysed and client is provided with a report

At survey completion we analyse the data and compile a detailed report outlining the performance of your organisation's culture. This also includes an indication of how your organisation is performing against others in similar operating environments through the benchmarks we produce. A series of recomendations is produced from the findings to provide guidance on implementation and you also have the option of debriefing with our researchers qualified in executive coaching. We also fascilitae focus groups for organisations wishing to explore thier cultural insights with deeper meaning. 

UniSA Confidentiality Statement

In accordance with University requirements, data will be managed in a confidential manner, stored according to UniSA's confidentiality and ethics protocols, accessible only to members of the research team for a minimum of 5 years. All data remains strictly confidential throughout the processes. No facility’s performance data is identified during the benchmarking process.