CERM PI's Library Impact Surveys are a powerful tool that quantify the role and significance of libraries to local communities. They measure the level of quality of service, and satisfaction, customers have with their libraries and the benefits they receive from attending such as connectiveness and wellbeing.  Similar to our Customer Service Quality survey, the Library Impact Survey measures customers’ expectations compared to their perceptions of the library's actual performance in a range of dimensions such as: resources, programs and events, staff responsiveness, facility cleanliness, patron behaviour and social impacts. Any identified gaps between expectations and performance are opportunities to target specific areas to raise the overall service delivery and impact of the library service. We employ a relatively standardised survey across libraries to allow for benchmarking criteria to be developed. However, we can also cater surveys to the specific needs of our clients. A detailed report is compiled for clients which can be used to make evidence based decisions and independent reporting.

How it works

Survey shared with customers

Customers complete an online questionnaire answering a set of pre-programmed questions relating to their experiences of service quality and social impact at your facility. This questionnaire can be accessed via a smartphone or a computer at home or at the library. We also provide paper copies for any customers preferring to participate this way. View sample survey.

Survey open for optimal time period with real-time tracking 

The survey remains open for an agreed period to obtain the optimal number of respondents. Should you experience any shortfalls we work with each client, implementing strategies, to ensure the best result. 

Data is analysed and Library is provided with a report

At survey completion we analyse the data and compile a detailed report outlining your customers’ perceptions of service quality and social impact at your facility which includes an indication of how your facility is performing against others in similar operating environments. View sample report.

Hear what our clients had to say

'We are very pleased with the local responses, but also the way the report is readable, clear and ready for sharing. We love the wordcloud images and the positive way the areas for improvement have been mentioned. Thank you for your patience and support in bringing this information to our library and community.'

'A Truly terrific report. Very thorough with clear successes and things identified we need to improve'

SA Library Managers (2020)



UniSA Confidentiality Statement

In accordance with University requirements, data will be managed in a confidential manner, stored according to UniSA's confidentiality and ethics protocols, accessible only to members of the research team for a minimum of 5 years. All data remains strictly confidential throughout the processes. No facility’s performance data is identified during the benchmarking process.