In 2023, eight Australian Islamic Schools signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the University of South Australia's (UniSA) Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) to be sites of innovative educational renewal. The schools formalised their on-going commitment towards CITE's graduate teacher education programs that advance faith-informed praxis for all educators working in Islamic schools. This collaboration aspires to support already thriving Islamic schools to become global models of vision-driven institutions. For the emerging field of Islamic schooling, this is a landmark collaboration that brings together the work of universities and schools with a shared aspiration.

The eight Islamic schools involved in the MoU signing are:

1) Arkana College (Sydney, NSW)
2) Australian International Islamic College (Brisbane, QLD)
3) Irfan College (Sydney, NSW)
4) Islamic College of Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD)
5) Malek Fahd Islamic School (Sydney, NSW)
6) Playford College (Adelaide, SA)
7) Unity Grammar (Sydney, NSW)
8) Ilim College (Melbourne, Victoria)

This collaboration between CITE and the eight Islamic schools is expected to have a significant impact on Islamic education in Australia, and beyond. It represents a significant step towards the advancement of Islamic education, and a testament to the commitment of all parties involved to work towards this important goal.

Case studies of each school’s journey to distinction and current projects 'Coming Soon'

School 2023 Initative /Focus


 2023 Initative /Focus


3 year Niyya Project

Ilm College 

Ihsan Fellowship & Teacher Academy 

Ilm College - Dallas

Practical Passion Project - Melbourne Muslim Seminary 


Exploring Futuwwa (Inward Sunnah) 


Islamic Model of Care 


Project Adhab 


Charity Service Corporate 


Journey to Simurgh 

Unity Grammar