13 May 2020

Join us for a Live Webinar

Leadership has thousands of definitions, each scholar defines leadership in a way to grasp his experience and the construct of the term. Hundreds of leadership training programs are in display around the world to develop future leaders and to give meaning to leadership. In this lecture part of the hallmark of leadership from an Islamic perspective will be highlighted. The distinctive characteristics of leadership will be extracted from the Quran, Hadith and views of Muslim scholars of Islam; past and present along with synthesising such characteristics with modern leadership theory. This lecture connects with CITE course “introduction to Islam” and “Empires of Islamic Civilisations” components on “Leadership; Khilafa and stewardship” and aspects of political governance through Islamic civilisations.

This topic covers Leadership  is covered in detail in our minor courses offered at UniSA: EDUC 1096 (Empires of Islamic Civilisation) and EDUC 1097 (Introduction to Islam)