16 July 2020

Islamic Golden Age is one of the most important or the most important yet overlooked period in human history.  Spanned from about 750 to 1600, it presented advancements in human intellect which covers religious studies, artistic, culture, science and knowledge including architecture, art, history, exegesis (Tafseer), anthropology, poetry, sociology, physics, math, algebra, chemistry, geography, agriculture, optics, medicine, and astronomy. Behind these advancements were giants and influential figures like Al-Bukhari, Al-Tabri, Al-biruni, Avicenna and Averroes just to name a few. This lecture will touch the surface and highlights some of the mile stones of the Islamic golden age and briefly touch on life of two giants of that period. To know more about this important period, CITE offers the course empires of Islamic civilisation (EDUC 1096) that extensively covers the Islamic golden age.