17 September 2020

Umar bin Abdul-Aziz was a revolutionist Caliph who made a sudden and huge positive impact on the Muslim empire during the Umayyad’s in a very short period; 2 ½ years. Umar did achieve what humanity considers it as a dream. His revolution started with his own family, and his own clan the Umayyad’s, the circle around him; scholars, advisers, judges, security guards, the people far from him; state governors, scholars, judges and the like. 

His reforms touched every field; religious, political, administrative, social, economic. His vision, morals, tremendous ability to work hard day and night, piety, humbleness, self-austerity, Asceticism, justice for all and a great fear of Allah Almighty brought a huge positive change on the life of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It was a lasting impact in history until today. He was named the fifth Rashidun Caliph. This lecture will touch briefly on the leadership, reforms and revolution of the fifth of the Rashidun Caliphs.

We offer the course Empires of Islamic Civilisation EDUC 1096 which touches briefly on Umar bin Abdul-Aziz life and achievements.

Dr Nezar Faris, Lecturer, Researcher, CITE, UniSA