CITE's signature engagement was a 3-year school partnership with Malek Fahd Islamic School (MFIS) in Sydney (2020-2023). It was a journey - one where we have gained both insights into large school dynamics and inspiration from resilient educators with high aspirations. We hope the impact we made left a mark with pillars and enablers now in place that embed the 'Islamic' as a central core in the educational rhythm and everyday practice at MFIS. A sincere thank you to the MFIS Board, Executive Leadership, and all staff who allowed us to walk a unique journey together that will inform the field of Islamic schooling globally for years to come. 

To read a detailed case study of our partnership with MFIS 'COMING SOON'
To download key pillars established at MFIS through our partnership see links below:
1. MFIS Educational Philosophy and Graduate Qualities
2. MFIS Behaviour Education Framework
3. MFIS Teaching and Learning Framework