The Graduate Certificate in Education (Islamic Education) is arguably CITE’s foundational signature project. Established in 2018, the MCIM as it is known is the first online accredited graduate degree in education designed for Islamic school educators. The MCIM fills a significant gap in the field given that no such program exists. This means that to date, educators who work in Islamic schools solely hold teacher education degrees from within a secular worldview of teaching and learning along with their own individual understandings of Islam.

The MCIM is particularly unique because it is NOT a program in Islamic Studies. Participants of the program Rather the program is about EDUCATION (essentially curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment) from within the Islamic worldview. This distinction is at the essence of what makes the MCIM unique.

The program is designed for seasoned Islamic school educators (Muslim or not) who have a passion for Islamic schools and want to be part of taking Islamic schools to the next level of growth. The program is designed to inspire lead educators by the Islamic tradition to think anew, to engage deeply and critically with contemporary educational thought, and to lead impactful renewal in their schools.

The program is highly reflexive, dialogical, and practice oriented that leads to increased educator efficacy, stronger commitment to the field of Isalmic schooling, and innovative renewal of the way we do core business (teaching and learning) in Islamic schools.

To learn more about the MCIM visit our program page.