For all students undertaking their Undergraduate Degrees

Our academic portfolio includes two enriching elective courses within the realm of Islamic Studies, each designed to broaden perspectives and deepen understanding.

The first course, "Understanding Islam," invites students on an insightful journey through the foundational aspects of Islam. It delves into the religion's rich history, core principles, spiritual practices, and the remarkable diversity within its unity. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to provide a holistic understanding of the Islamic creed, ethics, morals, and rituals. Our aim is to cultivate an appreciation for the intricate interplay between religion and culture throughout the Muslim world, thereby enriching students' global awareness and fostering a respectful understanding of diverse belief systems.

Our second offering, "Eastern Origins of Western Civilization," explores the profound influences that various civilisations, including those of India, China, the Islamic world, and Africa, have had on Western civilisation. This course unravels the significant contributions these Eastern civilisations have made to the fabric of Western society, emphasising the rich, interconnected heritage of our global community. Through a comprehensive exploration of historical interactions and exchanges, we endeavor to illuminate the complex mosaic of influences that have collectively shaped the contemporary world.

Together, these courses aim to offer students a panoramic view of the cultural, religious, and historical dynamics that have woven the tapestry of human civilisation. Our goal is to foster an environment of curiosity, respect, and appreciation for the diverse narratives that contribute to our shared human story. (MA)

"I was able to expand my knowledge on my religion specifically whilst also gaining a broader insight into narratives of history and politics that are often marginalized, rather than just learning about the impact of the West." Madina Ahmet, Education Student

  ●   Understanding Islam
  ●   Eastern Origins of Western Civilisations