Graduate Certificate of Education (Islamic Education) (MCIM)

Degree Overview

Welcome to Australia's exclusive Graduate Certificate in Education (Islamic Education), a pioneering endeavour by the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education, University of South Australia. This groundbreaking program is meticulously designed to meet the needs and aspirations of contemporary Islamic education and schooling.

  • Pioneering Excellence: Australia's first and unmatched qualification based on a foundation of Islamic Pedagogy.
  • Aligned and Contemporary: Our curriculum resonates with both Islamic schooling imperatives and Australian educational priorities.
  • Flexible Learning: Our courses are accessible online, allowing you to customise your learning experience around your professional commitments.
  • Pathway to Advanced Learning: Envisioned as a springboard to higher academic pursuits like a Master of Education or a PhD.
  • Rankings & Research: At UniSA, you're entrusting your education to South Australia's top-ranking institution with a global standing in the education sector. Our curriculum's backbone is the pioneering research in education that has been recognised as above world-class.
  • Unstoppable Future: With UniSA's reputation as one of the World’s Top Young Universities, your academic journey ensures a seamless transition from studies to a thriving career.

Tailored for visionaries molding the future within Australian Islamic schools, this Graduate Certificate stands as a lighthouse for educational distinction. As a graduate, you'll possess a sophisticated academic scaffold that enhances reflexive and reflective practice, elevating professional standards for Muslim students across a variety of educational landscapes. This certification is more than a mark of achievement; it embodies a synergy of expertise, drawing from the invaluable insights of our distinguished research and industry collaborators. For those driven to lead research in Islamic education, this program not only paves the way to a Master of Education but also opens doors to doctoral exploration.

What You'll Learn

Immerse yourself in a curriculum that is both innovative and rooted in tradition. The Graduate Certificate in Education (Islamic Education) stands as a beacon of professional advancement, framed within the contours of a comprehensive Islamic worldview. As part of this enriching journey:

  • Dive deep into Contemporary Issues: Address and understand pressing issues of our times, bringing them into alignment with Islamic educational philosophies.
  • Explore the realm of Student Well-being: A pivotal aspect that ensures holistic development, supported by sound educational frameworks.
  • Unravel the nuances of Educational Philosophy: Drawing from the depths of traditional knowledge and contemporary innovative practice.
  • Master the art of Managing Learning Environments: Ensuring that they resonate with the unique needs and aspirations of Muslim students.

Equip yourself with the skills, knowledge, and perspective to redefine the landscape of Islamic schooling in Australia and beyond.

Why Choose This Degree?

At the Crossroads of Renewal and Innovation

UniSA proudly stands as South Australia's premier institution for education degrees. As the sole institution offering a postgraduate qualification tailored exclusively for Islamic education, we find ourselves uniquely positioned at the confluence of a rich Islamic heritage and contemporary educational practices.

With over 50 Islamic schools flourishing in Australia and many more globally, our Graduate Certificate in Education (Islamic Education) is tailored to capture the global essence. Our approach allows you to immerse yourself in the richness of the Islamic worldview, and the distinctive Islamic education philosophy integrated with the contemporary discourse and research in education.

By choosing this degree, you commit to a curriculum that's rooted in world-class research, delving deep into the prevailing discussions, theories, and research pertinent to this domain. Our unwavering commitment to industry-focused research remains unparalleled in South Australia.

Real-World Connections: Bridging Theory with Practice

Our program, conceptualised in synergy with stakeholders and research partners, mirrors the needs of this rapidly burgeoning educational landscape.

Our Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) has fostered esteemed partnerships with the Islamic Schools Association of Australia (ISAA) and other national and international curriculum associates. Our researchers are at the forefront, carrying out exemplary research on Islam and Muslims within the Western/Australian context.

By being a part of this program, you also gain the privilege to work and engage with our revered teaching staff and researchers, who are not only academic luminaries but also practicing professionals. And our commitment to enriching your experience doesn't stop there. We orchestrate frequent master classes, employment expos, and alumni events, both domestically and internationally.

Flexible Online Study

With the digital world bringing convenience at our fingertips, a significant part of this degree is accessible online. This flexibility ensures:

  • Uninterrupted access to videos and essential course resources.
  • An engaging online interactive learning milieu.
  • Seamless submission of assignments with timely feedback.
  • Lively discussion forums to foster team collaboration and open communication.

Embrace the digital age's convenience. With 24/7 access to course materials, adapt your study rhythm to your lifestyle. Do note that specific degrees may mandate on-campus appearances for seminars, workshops, or examinations. Detailed requisites, if any, are elaborated on the course pages.

Career Horizons

Illuminate Your Professional Path

Graduating with this certification paves the way for aspiring educators to carve a niche in Islamic schools. Seasoned education professionals can leverage this qualification as a catalyst for career advancement, propelling them into leadership echelons within Islamic educational institutions.

And if you're drawn towards contributing significantly to research in Islamic education or education more broadly, advancing to a Master of Education and subsequent doctoral studies is a logical progression.

Commence Your Journey

Embarking on this transformative academic expedition is simple:

  1. Note the SATAC code 4GC097
  2. Click  'APPLY'
  3. You will be seamlessly redirected to the SATAC portal to continue your application.