In the field of Education and Muslim Learners, CITE has two key areas of focus

  1. Muslim Learners in State/Public/Independent Schools (other than Islamic schools): The vast majority of Australian Muslim learners attend other than Islamic schools. Supporting the religious identities, values, perspectives, knowledge and needs of these learners is essential to national education priorities of equity and excellence for all learners. The challenge is that Muslim learners are diverse in their theological positions, levels of religiosity, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and attachment to Islam as a primary identity marker. Our research at CITE focuses on understanding the complexities of Muslim learner identities and developing curricular and pedagogical interventions that can inform the work of educators and school leaders. 
  2. Muslim Learners in Islamic Schools: A growing minority of Australian Muslim learners attend independent Islamic schools. In an attempt to define an authentically Islamic ethos of teaching and learning, these schools continue to grapple with how to integrate Islamic values across the Australian Curriculum, develop a pedagogical practice that is rooted in the Islamic tradition, and foster a strong sense of Australian Muslim identity among learners. Our research in this area focuses on analysing challenges and achievements of Islamic schools, theoretically articulating the aims and vision of education in the Islamic tradition that Islamic schools aspire to achieve, and examining the efficacy and lived realities of Islamic schooling. 

Central to our work in both areas of focus is an acknowledgement of the Australian context as a priority and yet global intersections as a necessity. Much of our research therefore encourages international collaborations and multi-context comparative research.

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