National Project:
Stimulus Paper for Australian Islamic Schools

CITE, in partnership with Islamic Schools Association Australia (ISAA), are excited to launch the inaugural stimulus paper, entitled:

A Shared Vision for Islamic Schooling in Australia: Learners, Learning and Leading Learning.


'This stimulus paper outlines a shared vision (a road map) for Australian Islamic schooling as a pedagogical resource to stimulate reflection, cultivate reconnection, and inspire renewal, leading to distinction’.

(Chown, Memon & Abdalla, 2023; p 11)


Our long held mantra among Islamic schools in Australia of 'unity in our diversity' is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in light of emerging challenges. The "Stronger Together" initiative is an endeavor towards forming a robust consortium of Islamic schools that are collaborating to address challenges common to us all. This endeavor strives to not only preserve the Islamic ethos within our individual schools but also advance a distinct approach to faith-based schooling, honoring our transformative purpose, and that which can serve as a healing to the field of education broadly.

Challenges we face:

  • Adapting to Educational Policies: Negotiating the fine balance between educational policies and maintaining the Islamic essence in our teachings and educational frameworks and practices.
  • Digital Era Impact: Understanding and addressing the effects of the digital era on students, and leveraging technology to enhance Islamic education and schooling.
  • Teacher Burnout & Recruitment: Tackling teacher burnout, facilitating recruitment of committed and qualified staff with special qualities of mind and heart, and navigating the necessity of employing non-Muslim teachers while preserving Islamic values.
  • Increased Enrollment Demand: Managing the higher influx of students transitioning from the public school system, and ensuring adequate resources and spaces.
  • Values Alignment: Ensuring a consistency in Islamic values across campuses despite varied teaching staff and educational approaches.

The stimulus paper serves as the cornerstone for this collaborative venture. We invite a group of educators from your school to join this monthly virtual working group across Australia’s Islamic schools. Each session will unpack a section of the stimulus paper, engage in critical discussions on shared challenges, and embark on innovative initiatives to respond to urgent needs.

Together, let’s embark on this transformative journey of renewal of Islamic schooling in Australia, ensuring our future generation are well-prepared, grounded in faith, confident in who they are as they pursue their purpose as God conscious graduates who benefit humanity.

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