Islamic Pedagogy refers to the educational values, concepts, and perspectives rooted in the Islamic tradition that inspire and inform renewed thinking within Islamic schools and educational settings.

Like other faith and spiritually based pedagogies, Islamic pedagogy challenges the increased technicising of teachers work and insists on centring educational values of holistic (mind-body-soul) education – where the education of the soul is paramount.

Pedagogy in this sense is a human science, a philosophy of education that addresses the big why questions around the purpose of education and schooling thereby informing the way we teach (i.e. instruction) - but isn’t simply the art of instruction. Pedagogy here refers to the education values that inform instructional practice. In other words, the way we teach is not arbitrary. We each teach in ways that reflect our educational values. And for educators in Islamic schools, the assumption is that educators (Muslim or not) reflect educational values of Islam.

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